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Fengdu, A Ghost Town July 14, 2010

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It is a ghost town

May 19, 2008 we docked in Fengdu, disembarked and knew to expect a 3 minute siren would sound from our ship.

We would then join 1.3 billion Chinese and stand quietly, marking the exact time the earthquake struck one week prior in Sichuan Province.  Three minutes of inner silence, inner reflection and remembrance.

Fengdu is located high above the Yangtze River; chair lifts are used for transportation up and down.

I have snow skied in my life, a chair lift was not a foreign object to me.  Cheryl (from Michigan) got on one side and I, onto the other side.

We pulled down the safety bar. I never saw what slammed in from behind and clobbered my right leg calf.  I let out a shriek of pain and our ship’s siren began.

That night I did question my sanity, perhaps traveling alone in China wasn’t such a bright idea.

The bone was not broken, the injury was tantamount to surgical varicose vein stripping without anesthesia.  That was not a foreign concept to me either.  It would take at least  2 months to recover. I could finish this trip, the two most important treatments were 1)”keep the leg moving” to prevent blood clots and 2) “keep the injury tightly bound”.  My refrigerator list back home, do-not-forget items, I had listed support hose. I could wear two pairs, and my friends from Michigan had packed Advil!

Fengdu is truly noted in history as a Ghost Town!

Now check out these photos…..

hotel built and later abandoned

a window that looks like a picture

strange statues

my leg 5 weeks later

the chairlift

Greetings to Fengdu Ghost Town



The Yangtze River June 21, 2010

Three boats in a row

I flew from Xi’an to Chongqing, and boarded the Victoria Cruise.  I would travel by boat down the Yangtze River and disembark 3 days later in Yichang.

In the dining room, I was seated at a table with some folks from Michigan.  Paul lived and worked in Shanghai.  His brother and sister came to visit him.  His sister brought her husband, who brought his mother.  Together they were traveling through China.  This great family, more than once, shook their head in disbelief.  I must be one gutsy gal to be traveling 24 days alone in China.

The brother and sister,

her husband, his mother

they all came to visit Paul.

I never thought of myself as “gutsy”.  I wanted to see my son, didn’t know anyone who had the time, money and desire to visit China.  I had to travel alone if I wanted to see my son.

In the next post, I’ll describe an accident that occurred during this cruise.  Call me “gusty”, call me anything you want.  Sometimes things go wrong, and to complete my trip I had to think carefully and not panic.

For now, just enjoy these photos from the Yangtze River going through the Three Gorges Dam.  It was spectacular one night.  Paul, his brother and I went to the top deck.  We watched the gigantic doors of the channel locks slowly open and close.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

You get on the boat, starting here in Chongqing

All onboard

Going under a bridge

Yangtze River View 1

Yangtze River View 2

Yangtze River View 3

Yangtze River View 4

Yangtze River View 5

The locks at night

The final view