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High end designer stores and shopping in China October 1, 2011

Xi'an - Ceiling in shopping center

As Bloomberg reports, two more developers have announced plans to build more of these high-end shopping malls and stores in China.

If you physically go out, there are two ways to shop in China.  You can price bargain back and forth with street vendors in the outdoor, or back-alley street market style of shops.

In high-end retail stores and shopping centers, there is no bargaining.

The retail rental space however, is based on a percentage of the store’s sales.

These same photos can be seen in an earlier post of mine here.  I have plenty more I might share later.  And by the way, only one  journalist has permission to use my photos.

Shopping mall in Xi'an

High end stores in Xi'an

A view from my hotel room

Again, another view from my hotel room

A shopping center in Xi'an