China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 5, Mother’s Day In Wuhan January 24, 2012

My first trip to China in 2008 was planned around Mother’s Day.  I was with my son in Qingdao when the earthquake struck.  You can read more on that here.

Now in 2011 Daisy, Sam, his father and I were in Qingdao on Mother’s Day.  Together we flew that day to Wuhan and met Daisy’s family.

Here are the scrap-book pages scanned in that I chose to mark that special day.

The glass elevator & ceiling in the Howard Johnson 5 star hotel

Their wedding invitation

Two mothers and two kids

We were all together on Mother's Day (typo error in scrap-book, it was 2011)


Pandas and Romance August 27, 2011

This is a part from Trip 3.

It’s Mother’s Day again, but the year is 2011.

I am in Qingdao, staying with Sam and Daisy.  They will be married in two days.  It’s even more special now.  On this Mother’s Day we are all going to fly to Wuhan and be with Daisy’s family.  Two mother’s will share this special day together with their children.  I don’t have photos of first meeting Daisy’s mother to share with you.  We couldn’t speak the others language.  It didn’t matter.  You could feel the love we had for each other.  The two mother’s walked, each held closely together with an arm embracing the other.

This is what Daisy had chosen as a Mother’s Day gift for me.  The pandas are embroidered on silk, it rotates so each side is a view of the panda bears.

My Mother's Day Gift

Neither of us would have guessed, that today I am trying to help this endangered species by giving presentations. By helping support the efforts of Pandas International, who would have guessed, this could be happening as I write today?


In NYC Times Square, despite Hurricane Irene, this add is running.

Thank you, CBS.

The Add Of A Lifetime In Black and White


Another surprise happened.  Someone knocked on my door.  Sam’s friend who had just returned from China delivered this wedding album book to me.  I have laid it out and photographed it in sequence.  It is not a typical US wedding album.  Another example of a difference in our cultures.

Wedding album cover

Wedding album page 2

Wedding album page 3

Wedding album page 4

Wedding album page 5-1

Wedding album page 5-2

Wedding album page 6

Wedding album page 7

Wedding album page 8

Wedding album page 9

Wedding album page 10

Wedding album - the last page

More to follow later…..


Mother’s Day in Qingdao, China April 9, 2010

Mother's Day

May 11, 2008 and it was Mother’s Day.  My whole trip to China was centered around this one date to be with my son.

It was everything and more I had hoped for.

Sam and I started the day by borrowing a friend’s dog.  We walked up a hilly street and onto a path that led further up the hill.  It is here where the local people grow and tend their own vegetable gardens.   They are sectioned off, and various paths lead to different locations.  Up in these hills are also flat surface areas.  Starting around 5 AM  Tai Chi is practiced here.  I couldn’t get up quite that early, but did my own tai chi version later that day.

vegetable gardens

Sam and the borrowed dog

Me and my Tai Chi again

We played with the dog, walked around, and eventually returned the dog to his owner.

The dog is returned

Sam and I took a bus to the “tourist” downtown section of Qingdao.  The bus fare was equivalent to 10 cents.

The bus ride

The waterfront in Qingdao is magnificent.  Here the Olympic torch is viewed.  It is a symbolic reminder.  Countries may compete against each other, yet we all still live in the same world.  The upcoming sailing event for the 2008 Olympics would be held in Qingdao.

The pier in Qingdao

The waterfront

Sam knew my weakness.  He arranged a stopover at Selene’s, a very high-end top-notch chocolate bar.  It was exquisite!

Kite flying

The great chocolate bar

The Olympic Torch

Mother’s Day in Qingdao was perfect.  I had everything I needed near and dear to my heart.  The greatest gift I received though, came the next day.  A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck China.  No one in the USA really knew where I was.  They only knew I was somewhere in China.  Mother and child together, we were safe.