China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 2, Doylestown PA January 17, 2012

Two weeks before their planned visit to the USA, Sam contacted me. He announced that he and Daisy were engaged.  Their wedding date was set for  May 10, 2011, the ceremony would be held in Wuhan, China where Daisy grew up.

The next series of scanned in scrap-book pages are from Doylestown, PA.  A dinner had already been planned for their visit.  It quickly was changed into an engagement dinner.

A big thank you goes to Deb Fallows, author of Dreaming In Chinese, for the banner you will see in this chapter.   She found me an appropriate Chinese engagement phrase to use and translated it.  I did a lot of “copy and paste.”

A Chinese phrase to honor the newly engaged couple