China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 11, Our Evening Meal January 30, 2012

Rain was pouring down non-stop.  With multiple vehicles, we were all transported to a restaurant in Wuhan.  It was another hour-long ride.  Daisy’s aunt was hosting our evening dinner.  I think what happened next must have been planned.

I was warmly greeted by her aunt and restaurant staff.  Because of the messy rain, I didn’t notice, the other guests were held back a bit in the lobby.  They brought me, alone, into this dining room.  To say I was treated like royalty, an honored guest, would be an understatement.  From past reading, I understood in the historical sense, the mother of a #1 son in China holds a certain level of power, control and respect.

This was a cultural difference I could endorse back, by simply being myself.

Daisy had told me (during her visit here), her parents discouraged her when they learned she wanted to marry someone from the USA.  She asked them to wait, they should meet Sam first.  The two later traveled together to Wuhan.  He met her parents.  Sam understands Mandarin, and speaks it.   I know my son, I let him be himself, it’s his greatest strength in life.

So on to the scanned in scrap-book pages for this chapter.  Sam told me, don’t ask what it is, just eat it first.  Glad I took his advice.