China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 10, The Day Continues January 29, 2012

Six scanned in scrap-book pages will briefly show you where we rested, and then visited the home where Daisy grew up.

From the USA, six guests attended the wedding.  Myself, Sam’s father, and from Texas his aunt, uncle and two cousins were there.

Jeff was born in the USA, his parents were born in China.  He grew up on the west coast, and spoke Mandarin at home.  Today, Jeff lives in China.

A very comfortable place to rest

Some were more tired than others

It was an hour ride from our hotel to the wedding

Daisy and Sam, with their cousins Carolyn and Laura

The warm slippers, I thought, were the best gifts

Not sure he will actually use this