China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 12, It Ends On Culture And Romance January 30, 2012

Culture & Romance

When the wedding festivities ended, I spent a few more days in Wuhan with Sam & Daisy, then took the train to Shanghai.  I feel at home in Shanghai.  I spent five days there before flying home.  As time permits, I will share later some of those photographs.

This last group of scanned in scrap-book pages are photographs of a few selected pages in a book.  My doorbell rang one day.  A friend that went to high school with Sam was standing there.  He had recently returned from a trip to China and hand delivered me a wedding book.  Do not expect these scanned in pages to look like a typical USA wedding album.

So, I’ll be starting school next week.  It’s 9 weeks, a couple of refresher courses, and I do have a general idea where this might lead me.  I will leave you now, with 2 sentences and 7 scanned in scrap-book pages.

Wherever life takes you, embrace this world with an open mind.  By doing so, what you will discover far exceeds your own expectations.


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