China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Scrap-Book For China, Chapter 4, Qingdao Dinner Party January 22, 2012

Sam moved to Qingdao in February of 2008 to teach English.  Today he is a service manager for the two Wall Street Institute School of English branch schools in Qingdao.

Daisy grew up in Wuhan.  She moved to Qingdao and graduated from Qingdao University.  She remained in this city and taught English at the TOEFL level.  As a side note, the TOEFL test is one of many administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services) located here in Princeton, NJ.

They met each other in December of 2009 at a local hangout bar.  Sam was helping a friend who also wanted to move here and teach English.  He asked around, who might be a good contact for his friend?  Someone pointed to Daisy.  She was sitting at a table with her back-pack still on.

With their large network of friends today, most would not be able to travel to Wuhan for their wedding.  Sam and Daisy hosted a dinner party in Qingdao to celebrate with their local friends.

Here are the scanned in scrap-book pages from this special dinner party.


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