China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Endangered Panda Bears, A Letter Of Commendation August 12, 2011

Please, don’t let this one disappear on its own!

1 of the 1,600 remaining panda bears still left in this world

So far, I have given six presentations at Vacation Bible School camps.  I took this task on myself.  From a newspaper, I learned a local church would be having a Panda Mania camp week.  The children would use their imagination to travel through China, the land of the endangered panda bears.  Nope, I could not let that happen.

I have over 1000 photos from my own trips to China.  Specifically, I had been very ill the day I was scheduled to be with the panda bears.  Only through sheer determination was I able to see and photograph the pandas in Chengdu, China.  I dearly wanted these children to learn through my own experiences.

Pandas International backed me up with incredible promotional and educational information.  I was good-to-go and off I went.  What I knew about panda bears would surprise both children and their adult staff.

The feedback I received has exceeded my own expectations.  This commendation letter came through.  It says it all.

This letter of commendation says it all.


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