China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

Shanghai October 13, 2010

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A walkway cross over in Shanghai


I am in Shanghai now, my son would be meeting me later in the week.  I set aside touring the top highlights until he arrived.  You will see later the Zhou Zhuange Water Village I visited while waiting for him, and other photos taken throughout.

And yes, this photo might seem unusual as a first introduction to Shanghai.   There is no glitz or glimmer, you see people walking an intersection street crossover.  It has special meaning to me.

With my blondish hair and blue eyes, I was walking up (yes, slowly) the steps onto the top.  A very elderly Chinese woman began to descend the steps.  The instant she saw me, a brilliant smile came out.  Her eyes sparkled, her gait increased as she diagonally came towards me.  We exchanged hearty handshakes.  She was so thrilled and excited,  I was obviously not Chinese.  It was the warmest, most kind and sincere  “Welcome to China”  I experienced.

Small things often create big impressions.


One Response to “Shanghai”

  1. What a great way to be welcomed to China! Have a great time with your son and his girlfriend.


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