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What I had never planned to do

From Qingdao now in Xi’an May 10, 2010

Xi'an - Ceiling in shopping center

Xi’an was the next stop on my first trip through China, chosen because of its archaeological dig site.  Over 7000 terracotta warriors had been discovered in 1974.

The word “archaeology” had conjured up my imagination.  I expected the actual city itself to be old and archaic.

I was 100% wrong!

My three star hotel was surrounded by very high-end stores.    I did need to add some clothes to my wardrobe.   The cruise I had added onto my itinerary would require a bit of more formal evening attire.  I am the rare female who hates clothes shopping.   It was great when I found a nice small shop.  Two sales women simply put together the outfits I would need.

Crossing the big intersections in Xi’an was very easy too.  They have gigantic underground pedestrian cross overs, likely called cross-unders.  There was no fear of getting hit by a car or getting lost.

I went to bed my first night, and got up at around 11:00 pm; there was noise outside.  I found music, dancing and partying going on for hours right across the street!

Here are photos of the city I expected to be old and archaic.  You must click to enlarge on some of these!


3 Responses to “From Qingdao now in Xi’an”

  1. Deborah Says:


    I’m with you – I too hate clothes shopping. What an exciting adventure this is! Dancing … dancing in the streets. (Remember that song?)


  2. Fascinating photos, Ginny. I wish I was there.

    • Ginny Says:

      Stayed tuned in…. eventually I’ll be on a cruise where something not good happened, and if I have the guts to do this, I’ll show a picture of my leg!!!

      Thank you, Ginny Roth 609-671-9555 My Web Site : Many Colors of Ink L.L.C. My Blog: China Once, China Twice

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