China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

From Beijing to Qingdao March 9, 2010

I chose to travel by train to reach Qingdao.  Sam was teaching,  my arrival time would coincide when his work day ended.  A train gave me the opportunity to view parts of China inaccessible by car.  What a comfortable train too!  In the first photo, you might be able to pick out and see Vicky again.  She picked up my ticket, then escorted me to my reserved seat on the train.

Every guide from China Highlights, they have all been very good.  Vicky though, was that extra special guide.

There are many photos I took during this 5 hour  “moving train” experience.  What struck me, as I reviewed my photos, was the change in scenery and climate.  Beijing is inland,  a BIG city in a BIG country.  I was now heading east towards a peninsula on the Yellow Sea.  I was heading towards Qingdao, heading towards my son. It was May 9, 2008 , I would be here for five days.

The photos are in sequence, and  “A Bend In The Road”  is where I felt the dramatic change in scenery.


2 Responses to “From Beijing to Qingdao”

  1. Don Says:

    It is obvious when your train left the city area. One thing I noticed was there appear to be four cooling towers that resembe our nuclear power plant towers. Do you know if they are?

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