China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

Before I Leave Beijing March 5, 2010

If you recall, my son was heading to teach English in Beijing, but ended up in Qingdao.  Let me clarify now, what happened.  There are many private schools in China that teach the English language.  In our terms, the word franchise would be appropriate to use.  While en route, Sam was indeed scheduled to teach in Beijing.  On land, the school management faced an interesting challenge.  They had an immediate need for a teacher in their Qingdao location.  The new teacher, still on an airplane, was selected to teach in Qingdao.

Before I move on to my next post and travel location, I want to share a few other photos in Beijing.  The Olympic buildings were still being readied for the upcoming games.  We could not tour these; I did capture a few pictures from the car, and other points of interest, and difference.

In public restrooms, the toilets are separated “men” and “women”, but they share a common washroom.  Where I had lunch one day, I found a most unusual shared washroom, it was quite comical.


One Response to “Before I Leave Beijing”

  1. Nils Montan Says:

    Yup, some great photos here all right!

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