China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

The Summer Palace February 21, 2010

The Summer Palace

It is very hot in Beijing during the summer months.  A short ride away, The Summer Palace is the respite from heat and humidity.  It is the largest preserved imperial garden in China, and truly magnificent.   A long roofed corridor borders the Kunming Lake, perfect for a relaxing stroll and then onto a dragon boat to catch some extra cool breezes.

For the full history of  The Summer Palace, visit

One advantage of traveling alone is, I didn’t need to “keep pace” with a group.  I could spend as much time as I wanted along the way.  Recall from an earlier post, “support hose” was on my refrigerator list of the important “do not forget”  items to bring.  Without those, long walks would tire my legs out quickly.  I still rested as needed, and Vicky was so charming.  She walked with me, kept her arm linked with mine.

Where I live in New Jersey, I am close to the Delaware River and its towpath.  It might be cooler on the towpath, but it sure is not The Summer Palace.  This would be the summer home of my dreams!

So just pretend, this actually is my summer home and you are invited over as a guest.  Certainly, you may click on the images for a larger view.


3 Responses to “The Summer Palace”

  1. Deborah Says:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. GMTA! (regarding letters and postcards)
    I signed up to be notified when you have new posts so I won’t miss any. I am enjoying my tour of China. The marble boat is beautiful. Sorry to hear about you camera. Perhaps you should put a tip jar up to help pay for a new one.


  2. Parsley Says:

    I enjoyed stopping by your blog.

    If you’d like a postcard from Oklahoma, please email me about the postcard exchange.


  3. Rhonda Says:


    I love all of the lovely photgraphs of your travels. How much fun!

    I am helping bring back the art of written correspondence from Alabamba…send me your e-mail address if you would like to exchange post cards.


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