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What I had never planned to do

A Day Off In Beijing January 30, 2010

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My Hotel

I was cautious on my day off, my fear was getting lost walking around.  Streets that I crossed, had names in both Chinese Characters and letters.  The names all seemed to begin with Q, with at least 15 other letters.  I would never remember which street to crossover if I ventured too far out.  In general, I walked in a straight line going in one direction, or a big square block around my hotel.

I was daring once, though.  The battery in my “20th year from work” watch died.  I carefully made one turn and shopped for a new watch.  That was easier than trying to explain I needed a new watch battery.  I purchased a cheap one for $25 and safely found the correct crossover to return to the Days Inn.

Evening meals were on my own.  They were very easy, the hotel was one source.  Other places were simple too, they had menus with pictures.  I would point at what I wanted to eat.  My Chinese to English dictionary had common phrases, and again I only had to point at the correct phrase to ask for a fork or my dinner bill.

These pictures are what I saw while walking in a straight line.

lots of bikes

a rather empty street

in the middle of the street

brick building on the streets

street cleaning


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