China Once, China Twice

What I had never planned to do

Tiananmen Square January 25, 2010

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Tiananmen Square

You feel Beijing as you visit the world’s largest public square. The red flags are the reminder that China’s government is a Communist Party.  That was hard for me at first.  I had believed my son was now living in a country that was the extreme polar opposite of the one   he grew up in.

I had to apply for, and be granted a 30 day travel visa to visit my son.  I couldn’t just catch the next flight out to China.  What I knew as freedom, felt restricted.  It is one of many cultural differences that I experienced.

Across from Tiananmen Square were the gardens close to my hotel.  In the early morning, I found part of my past.  Sam would not recall that I had once practiced these soft flowing movements of Tai Chi.  He wasn’t born.  My years spent in the martial arts came back into my spirit naturally.  I did stand out as looking different, people were now taking pictures of me.

me with I-Tunes

Across the street

more gardens

the real one


4 Responses to “Tiananmen Square”

  1. Don Says:

    cool pics!

  2. Ok, Ginny, let’s check this out and see if it works.

    It’s all a constant learning curve for me too! But I have a VA who helps tons!

  3. Scot Says:

    I’ve been to China twice also. Very interesting trips. Have you ever heard the assertion that if the Chinese queued up two-abreast that the line would never end (as the birthrate at the time would replenish or extend said line?) I think I saw that line in Tiananmen, there was an event that was obviously popular.

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